Game Collection | 11.13.12

Here you will find status updates for my gaming library. It will be updated from time to time and will also serve as a sort of database for myself.

Status | Updated
1. Updated XBOX 360 library as of 11.13.12 (+ZotE LE, RE6)
2. Updated PS3 library as of 8.28.12 (+ Journey Collector’s Edition)
3. Added Wii library as of 12.17.10
4. Added XBOX library as of 11.18.09
5. Added PS2 library as of 12.08.09
6. Added PS library as of 1.18.10
7. Added Gamecube library as of 1.18.10
8. Added Dreamcast library as of 1.18.10
9. PC Library added (WIP)
10. Compiling legacy console archives …

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